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I’m Easy by Keith Carradine

I got a hankering to record this song after watching Robert Altman’s “Nashville”. It’s one of the best movies from the director perhaps best known for his movie, “MASH”, which was the basis for a long running TV series.
The song, “I’m Easy” was written by Keith Carradine and won the Oscar for Best Song that year. It’s reminiscent of something Jim Croce might have done, the way Carradine sings it and plays the guitar.

His character, Tom, sings it during a scene in the movie at a club, where several objects of his recent dalliances are listening, all thinking the song is about them.
I recorded a guitar and vocal on two different channels, at a tempo close to the original song. I then uploaded the recording file to google drive, and Nick added the other instruments and some great recording touches upon downloading to his studio.